Little knowledge about underwear

1. The underwear should be changed and washed every day. Microbiological expert research shows that underwear will produce 0.1 grams of feces every day, and the bacteria on underwear will have a particularly strong reproductive capacity.

2. Wash the underwear with warm water. Underwear soaked in boiling water will only turn the protein into deformed protein. As long as it is cleaned every day and dried in a ventilated and direct sunlight environment, its cleanliness can already meet the basic hygiene needs of healthy people.

3. Hand wash underwear as much as possible! Never allow underwear to be washed with other clothing.

4. Underwear cleaning agents can also be selected, but you must choose a cleaning agent with a suitable PH, because the most suitable environment for women is weak acid. (Do not wash with soap, soap is alkaline)
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