【How to choose the underwear that suits you】

1. The choice of underwear comfort

The first is of course comfort, try to choose loose, breathable and comfortable underwear, be sure not to choose too tight underwear, it will bring a sense of oppression, and frequent friction in the private parts is more prone to urinary and reproductive system infections!

2. Selection of underwear fabrics

Be sure to choose fabrics with good air permeability and good hygroscopicity. Women's private parts are prone to moisture, and fabrics with poor air permeability are not conducive to women's physical health.

It is best to buy light-colored underwear. Dark underwear is not conducive to our observation of leucorrhea. Many times when our body has problems, especially some gynecological diseases, leucorrhea is an important signal, so wearing light-colored underwear Easier to spot anomalies.

3. Underwear should be changed every day

Women have a lot of secretions every day, so it is easier to breed bacteria, so the underwear should be changed every day.

When you find that your underwear has been deformed, the breathability has deteriorated, or even the inside of the crotch has become yellow and cannot be washed off, then you should replace it.

Little knowledge about underwear

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