【About pants type】

There are so many types of girls' panties that you will be dazzled and have no idea where to start.

Low-waisted underwear: can be worn with low-waisted pants and skirts to avoid the embarrassment that the underwear leaks out when bending over or sitting down.

Traditional panties: They are usually mid-waisted, which are the most suitable for the curve of the human body and can cover the entire private parts and buttocks

High-waisted underwear: Generally, the height is above the navel, which has a warm effect and a high degree of comfort.

Boxer briefs:which are square, can wrap the entire private parts and buttocks, and are comfortable to wear and not easy to run out.

Bikini type:similar to low-waisted panties, but with a lower waist, basically just wrapping the crotch.

We not only look good in underwear, but also choose it according to the comfort of wearing. Usually mid-waisted panties are the choice of most people!

How to choose the underwear that suits you

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